TransGen Energy

Product & Services

TransGen Energy provides the following services;

On & Off Road Diesel


Heating Oil

Diesel Exhaust Fluid 

Aviation & Marine Fuel 

Lubricants- including Motor Oil, Grease ATF and Antifreeze 

Fuel Fleet Cards 

OnSite Fueling:

TGE on-site Fueling Solutions saves thousands, increase your fuel buying power and reduce your drivers’ downtime. The result is increased fleet uptime and lower fuel costs. TGE provides delivers high quality fuel directly to your trucks’ fuel tanks, at your business when your fleet is parked, or to your equipment directly on the job-site, Billing is simple and fuel data insight is completely transparent. Hundreds of fleet owners throughout the United States have learned that on-site fleet fueling saves thousands of dollars in labor and increases their productivity. Your equipment, trucks and drivers can spend more time on the project or on the road, delivering your products.


TransGen Energy (TGE) supplies, delivers and manages all your fuel needs. We provide the highest quality major grades of unleaded gasoline, low-sulfur diesel, heating oil and biodiesel by tank wagon or tractor trailer to customers. Our expert knowledge on ASTM975 specifications enables us to educate our clients in order for them to make informed purchasing decisions pertaining to fuel management.

TGE is dedicated to providing only the highest quality fuels available including:

  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (Required use in all model year 2007 and later highway diesel vehicles and engines)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Dyed Diesel (Used in off-road applications and is also called red dye diesel)
  • Winter Blended Diesel for Winter Protection (Automatically used for on-road and off-road applications for all diesel types)
  • Marine Fuel Delivery(Certified by the US Coast Guard to provide dyed fuel for large commercial vessels)
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Required use in all model year 2010 and later highway diesel vehicles and engines)
  • Biodiesel (Available in a variety of blend options)
  • Lubricants: TransGen Energy (TGE) provides the various grades of motor oil, antifreeze, grease and lubricants that Total, Philips 66, Castrol, Duramax, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron manufactures. Whether for equipment,

Fleet Card and Fuel Management Program:

Our Fleet Card program gives you the ability to manage all of your fleet expenses in a single card.  The card provides the ability to set expense limits and other card controls, detailed reporting, and fuel discounts! Our customers usually see an average of .05-.20 cents savings at the pump over a billing cycle. Our cards provide a simple solution to manage all company expenses with flexibility, security, and savings!  

 Key features include:

Cost Savings & Flexibility:

  • Provides the opportunity for deep retail fuel discounts plus the MasterCard relationship offers acceptance at 30+ million locations worldwide


  • Consolidate all fuel and transportation related purchases including retail, mobile, and bulk into a single program and single invoice to more efficiently manage expenses

Authorization Controls:

  • System can alert customers and provide 24/7 transaction monitoring and instant notifications via email

Card Controls:

  • Ability to place limits on transactions to include but not be limited to: types of product categories, services, volume, and dollars spent


TransGen Energy (TGE) offers a variety of additives formulas designed to help prolong the life of your fuel system.  Not all fuel is the same and fuel quality can contribute to moisture issues, performance issues, sludge formation, and clogged filters.  Our additives can help resolve some of the common issues associated with moisture and fuel quality issues.  Each of our additives has been specifically designed to treat diesel fuel to help optimize performance.